Vinyl FAQs

Please follow these instructions carefully, as we cannot be held responsible for incorrectly applied stickers, wallpapers or damage to paintwork through incorrect application.

Above all take your time!

  • Clean the area where you will be placing your wall decal. Ensure it is free from dirt/grease then dry before starting to apply.
  • Stick the clear application tape onto the vinyl sticker.
  • On a flat surface, run a squeegee or credit card, lightly over the decal on the transparent APPLICATION TAPE side. Cut the design out into pieces or sentences so that they can be spaced how you like on the wall. Do not cut through the sticker itself just the paper backing.
  • Attach your decal on your wall with masking tape in the position you want it and with a pencil put registration marks on both the decal and your wall. Use a pencil that will rub off.
  • Remove from the wall and carefully peel off the backing application paper making sure the decal stays on the application tape. If the decal is lifting repress with your squeegee. The vinyl decal is extremely sticky, so please take care when moving and positioning the decal after the backing paper is off it can easily stick to itself!
  • Carefully line your decal up with your marks on your wall and lightly press the decal to the wall.
  • Run the squeegee over the decal working from the centre outwards to prevent air bubbles in the vinyl (bubbles appearing on the blank areas of the application tape are nothing be worried about)
  • Ensure the sticker is fully adhered to your surface. Peel off slowly at a 180 degree angle to ensure any loose paint is not removed in this process.

Don’t worry if the vinyl wall art will do somthing to your surfaces. It will not leave grossness on your walls, it will not damage your walls or windows, it will not be stuck there forever. You can change your mind, update your look, or leave it for years. You can smack it on the wall in no time.

Wall decals may be applied to hard, clean, smooth and dry surfaces. Some textured walls may not work well as well as powdery or suede paints and areas with damp in the wall. Our wall decals are removable but not reusable! Please use caution when removing wall decals. Depending on the age or condition of the painted surface underneath, some touch ups may be necessary.


Your decal can be removed quite easily without damage to your walls so long as you follow this advice.

  • Use a hair dryer at low heat and fan setting.
  • Direct the air flow to the area you are lifting.
  • Slowly remove the decal at a 180 degree angle.
  • Take your time!

We have provided very clear (we think) instructions on how to apply vinyl stickers, however we cannot take any responsibility for errors you make during the fitting of your decal. We also cannot be held responsible for any damage to paint work when you are removing your sticker. This is a home decoration product and is supplied on the premise that you may have to touch up areas of paintwork after removal.

How do I remove wall decals?

The simplest way is to just pick and peel, using your fingernails, however I recommend you loosen the adhesive bond with a hairdryer on low heat first which helps with removal.

Are wall decals reusable?

The sticker decals are not reusable – that is you cannot remove them and apply them elsewhere.

Where can your wall stickers be used?

Decals can be used on any smooth, flat surface like windows, mirrors, doors, even fridges and of course walls.

Can I apply decals to my wall paper?
Yes they can be applied to wallpaper, however when applying do not press the areas of the application tape without an image with any force. This will prevent it sticking to strong and possibly removing loose wallpaper. You will also need to be aware that on removal – like all stickers – the surface of the wallpaper will be removed.


Unhappy with your decal (before it has been removed from the application tapes) return it to us in the tube it came in and we will replace it or refund your money. The exception is when you order a customised product. These items are non-refundable.

If the product is damaged when delivered please return it in the packaging in the state it was received and we will send a replacement.

I’ve just painted my wall can I use this? We advise that you leave the walls four weeks before applying your wall decal.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a freshly plastered the walls please make sure that you have used an undercoat before painting as the paint surface will need to have been well keyed to the plaster or when removing the transfer film your paint could be damaged and require a touch up.


We accept the following forms of payment:

* Credit Cards via PayFast

* Internet banking EFT


Internet Banking

If you choose this option you will be given our bank account details to make your payment via the internet.

Delivery will be made within 3-7 working days of the funds appearing into our account (normally 1-2 days from your payment being made)

We always endeavour to get your products to you as quickly as possible – normally within 10 to 14 working days after receiving payment. We deliver all orders using registered mail or an accredited and professional courier service. The courier service only delivers during working hours between 8am – 4pm. Rather use a postal address if you are not available during these hours. Please let us know if it has not arrived within 7 working days.  

How do I order your products online?

  1. Select your wall décor and add to basket
  2. Pay with your credit card or via bank transfer (EFT)
  3. We dispatch (in RSA) within 3 – 3 working days @ normal post with a tracking number or courier main cities via
  4. You have the option of delivery via courier (only 4 major cities during working hours 8am – 4pm) or registered mail.
  5. Need help – call us on 012 804 0237 or

Returns policy

  1. Can I return online purchases? 
    Yes. We want you to be happy with your purchase. If for any reason you’re not, you may return items purchased online to the our office for a full refund, replacement or exchange, provided the items are returned in their original packaging and condition within 14 days of purchase.
  2. How will I be refunded for items bought online? 
    Your refund will be given via an eft into a cheque/savings account. This will only be paid once the products has been returned in it’s original condition. We cannot refund postal charges.

Our product is a 100% uniquely South African made and designed. We design and manufacture all our products locally. 

I’m worried about the security of my private information. How do I know you won’t disclose my private details?

We hate spam too! We do not save your credit card details and use secure servers for all online transactions. Your personal information is regarded as strictly confidential.


Please request a shipping rate when placing your order.