Morgan Fridgewrap


Other sizes available – please email for a quote to make to the size of your fridge
Single printed vintage flower fridge vinyl panel measuring 60cm x 1.6m. Cut it to size to fit your fridge, around the handles and the door opening. Use sunlight liquid and a soft cloth to clean, no handy andy or ammonia or scrubbing. We offer collection from Pretoria or we can also come and install for you in the Gauteng region at additional cost – please email for a quote. Other patterns and sizes are also available on request. Please note we are not selling the fridge you will receive the vinyl panel only Please watch the below video on how to install yourself:


Vinyl fridge and freezer wraps by Eye Candy Decor
The first and most obvious reason for wrapping a fridge or freezer is that it protects the fridge from dirt and damage. Vinyl is easily cleaned, quickly applied and cheaply replaced, meaning that you are able to prolong the lifespan of your appliance. By keeping the fridge or freezer in optimal condition, you also ensure that the value is retained, meaning it can be sold on to a new home and be appreciated all over again.

Another key reason why you may want to wrap a fridge freezer with a vinyl sticker is so that it suits the aesthetic appeal of your house or kitchen. For example, an old appliance may have some discolouration making it challenging to sell, but functions perfectly well. A simple vinyl cover can help make your fridge or freezer look as good as new! It may also be that your white fridge does not quite fit in with the other coloured appliances in the kitchen, meaning a block-coloured vinyl FridgeWrap can go a long way to making your kitchen look complete.

We provide a great selection of fridge stickers to suit a variety of tastes and styles, Check out our website for more info or contact us today for your custom vinyl wrap! we install in and around Gauteng