Giant Phonebooth

Price: R849.99
Vinyl Wall Art -giant phone booth

Amazing British phone booth door sticker measuring 2m in height x 80cm wide. Paint your door with enamel red paint for the sticker to adhere to at its best. The sticker comes with full installation instructions and is a great present or project for a fun weekend with the family.Vinyl wall art does not only stick to smooth walls but also any smooth surface - redecorate your fridge or even funk up your car or motorbike or even on glass windows!!
Personalise your entryway by totally transforming the look and feel of your door. This Door Wrap measures 80 cm x 200 cm (approx. 31 x 79 inches).
Made from Easy Stick vinyl. Easy to apply. Easy to remove!
Environmentally friendly, hassle-free packaging: this Door Wrap is shipped in a recycled cardboard tube with tube plugs and no extra plastic packaging whatsoever.
See the How To section for tutorial videos and application instructions.
You can even get your Door Wrap custom-made and professionally fitted by contacting us.
Why wrap your door?
Our Door Wraps totally transform your door into the talking point of your home. It’s an easy way to rejuvenate an old door into looking better than new or simply adding some style to that boring entryway! The beauty of vinyl wrapping your door is that vinyl will stand up to the heaviest wear and tear without fading or coming off. If you decide to change your Door Wrap or move house you can just pull your vinyl wrap right off! It won’t leave any residue or damage your door’s surface. While the manufacturer of this material sells this as repositionable vinyl that does not damage your surface, we cannot guarantee there will be absolutely no damage to your surface because of the huge variety of paint types and surfaces this can stick to. That said, the material performs as described on almost all surfaces we’ve tried.

Forget everything you think you know about stickers
Comparing this vinyl Door Wrap to a normal paper sticker is like comparing a smartphone to a dial-up modem. Why? Because this vinyl sticker is made from special Easy Stick vinyl that is easy to apply and can be removed with no residue. Once your Door Wrap is applied, you can be sure it’s not going anywhere unless you want it to. This little guy will stick and just keep on sticking! Some people think that’s quality overkill for a sticker. We take that as a compliment. We love the look and feel of our Door Wraps and we’re not about to start compromising their quality. We have tons of different Door Wraps to choose from.

How do you wrap your door?
Please watch this detailed tutorial video before applying your Door Wrap to make sure you get it right!

Hassle-free, environmentally friendly packaging
This Door Wrap is printed in high-resolution on our big printer. Then it’s cut to size by hand. Finally, it’s packed in a recycled cardboard tube.

Have any questions?
We are a small business. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or special requests.